Shirley (Sherrod) You Jest? By Randy Woodley

It’s an old trick. Name the threat to “our way of life” and band those who are “us” together against the threat. In this case it was the Obama and the NAACP. Funny, they are largely African Americans, eh? Not really so funny.

As Rachael Maddow pointed out tonight on MSNBC, this old strategy was used effectively by George Wallace in the 1960s and beyond. It was used by Jesse Helms in the 1970’s. The political tactic was used by Ronald Regan in the “1980s. In fact, it is being used as I speak by the Tea Party and their friends at Fox News. What the line? BLACK PEOPLE ARE COMING TO TAKE OVER ‘THE WHITE WAY” USUALLY CALLED ‘THE AMERICAN WAY’ OF LIFE.” BE VERY AFRAID! WOOOOO!

Well, today this shameful political tactic was exposed for the reprehensible, despicable racism that it is. The motive? Political votes. Make the White folks feel they are on a binary track with i.e., radical Obama and his multicultural agenda, in a zero sum game, with Black folks or whoever the current “marginalized other” is at the time. Rachael exposed the same tactics of the Republicans and Fox News in their strategy of lies against Van Jones, the “New Black Panther Party conspiracy,” and Acorn. All this just for votes…Same tactics…shame on the Republicans for continuing such an un-American sham…shame on the Democrats for giving in to it-which makes them fully culpable.

If I was not in daily contact with White folks who believe all this stuff, who think they are the ones being persecuted, who feel that the American way is slipping down the drain because of radical multiculturalism…I would think this was all quite humorous…but it is not. It’s not funny. These folks are serious. God help us…

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