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Native America: Living on Fry Bread Alone? By Daniel Fan

I’m relatively new to the contemporary Native American experience, but I have attended several powwows and even an indigenous theological conference (NAIITS) and, so far I’ve only found one aspect of Native America that has been really difficult to sit with: fry bread. Continue reading

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Katrina: Waiting for the National Conversation 5 Years After by Randy Woodley

It’s five years later and that national conversation on race and class in America that everyone talked about back then has never happened. We will talk about the New Orleans Saints, rebuilding efforts and Bourbon Street. We will even start … Continue reading

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Converting the Missionaries Among Us: Lessons From Jesus in Luke 4 by Randy Woodley

The pattern of disregard for Native North American values by the dominant Euro-American society is evident.[1] As a result of these policies, mission practices among indigenous peoples continue to show little regard for indigenous values. Despite the long history of mission among Native Americans from a place of colonial values, our aboriginal cultures still reflect our core Native North American values. Continue reading

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what I’m doing…

Spending a week and a half in Department Retreats, New Faculty Orientation Week and All Faculty Retreat for George Fox. I’m being retreated and oriented to pieces while missing my nephew’s wedding and other good times…sorry for the absence. Randy

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The Wolf Ceremony

I wanted to give something of my past to my grandson.  So I took him into the woods, to a quiet spot.  Seated at my feet he listened as I told him of the powers that were given to each … Continue reading

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Honest Hatred Under The Big Tent

By Randy Woodley O.K. If I am to be honest, I must confess! Sometimes I don’t feel like loving my neighbor. Let’s call this my “not-love” state. Yesterday, when asked to submit a blog for this site, I was in … Continue reading

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Avatar: “It’s an Indigenous Thing” by Randy Woodley

After finally watching the viral You Tube of Mark Driscoll’s rant about how Avatar is “the most demonic, satanic movie” he has ever seen;  (View at ) after seeing Avatar three times and getting “choked up” three times; after … Continue reading

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