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Obama Mispeaks Concerning Hallmark Native American Claims Case

Cobell v. Salazar (aka Cobell v Norton) is the most important “unsettled” settlement ever brought to Congress in the past few decades. It was claimed by various tribes in a lawsuit that the United States stole as much as 179 … Continue reading

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Jesus Christ Was Not A Capitalist: A Response to “Socialism v. Christianity…”(in the Newberg Graphic)

Jesus’ birth, life and death exemplified God’s preference for the poor and marginalized of society. God could have come to earth in any form or social status. Yet, Christ was born poor, his family became refugees, he was sometimes homeless, he hung out with the most marginalized people in society and he died a criminal’s death. Continue reading

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Notes from California & the Future

by Bo Sanders  (from Everyday Theology) I have recently moved to Southern California (from the Pacific Northwest and the NorthEastern United States before that) and I have been thinking increasingly about three themes that I wrote about in my master’s … Continue reading

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Eugene Robinson Exposes Republican Gov.

Even in politics, you can’t just make up stuff. Washington Post Pulitzer Prize winning columnist, Eugene Robinson, exposes a new Republican strategy to “Whitewash” racism in the south. Read Robinson

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Americans Lost Freedom in Iraq: Deja vu

I also blog occasionally on Sojouners: God’s Politics: Jim Wallis and Friends. This was not directly a post about Ethnic Space and Faith but it is tangentially related. If you have an interest, go to: Americans Lost Freedom in Iraq: … Continue reading

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