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Thanksgiving: Being Thankful and Being Connected As One

By Randy Woodley Creator has put us on this good earth, amidst all the diversity-to be one with Creator, each other and all creation. Many people appreciate nature but the creation exists for much more than our individual pleasure. In … Continue reading

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Can I read the Bible wrong?

When I get a bad reading of the Bible that occupies the interpretive space it blocks out the real challenge of the text because instead of the challenge – the challenge’s place is already taken by self-satisfaction and apathy. The result is that I missed the opportunity to be confronted with my own complicit racism. Continue reading

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What it Means for A White Guy Like Me to “Sit At the Table”

By Dan Lowe Editorial Note: [Dan’s post was initially a comment to the post I made prior called “Is the Emergent Movement A Colonizing Influence?” Since his post is a bit lengthy and he has some great things to say … Continue reading

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Is the Emergent Movement A Colononizing Influence?

by Randy Woodley In regards to whether Emergent is just another colonization point for indigenous people: I would say this is a very important question. I can’t speak for anyone but myself, but I would say, no… For me, and … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Emergence

There does seem to be a VERY different way of approaching the Bible, of viewing the church, of behaving in Christ, and of participating in community. I am very very hopeful that this is actualy a move toward a different way of thinking and being. God knows we need it. Continue reading

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Out of Atlanta: Final Thoughts from the Emergent Village

By Daniel Fan I have a confession to make.  I went to the 2010 Emergent Village Theological Conversation (EVTC) fully prepared to dislike Emergents.  I’ve read “The Next Evangelicalism” and I was gravely concerned that I’d find a group of … Continue reading

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Day Three in the Emergent Village

By Daniel Fan Day three of the Emergent Village Theological Conversation started out thirty minutes late.  As bleary eyed-participants filtered in onesy-twosey, it became clear that the brilliant alcohol-assisted-into-the-wee-hours theologizing I experienced in the Kirkwood Public House last night most … Continue reading

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