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Part III: Recovering the Voice of Your Heart by Daniel Fan

Now that we’ve abandoned objectivity and reset the definition for civility, what next? We return to where we’ve always started from and where we always should have been. Speak from your heart.  That means it’s ok to show pain, anger, … Continue reading

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Part II: Civility: Why the Church Can’t Hear You Scream by Daniel Fan

Objectivity has a first cousin.  It’s called civility.  In fact, you often find them married in the same attempt to put down minorities and women.  Sometimes when the opposition plays the “civility” card, it’s good sign because they’re no longer … Continue reading

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Illegal Immigrants Should Receive the Same Equal Historic Opportunities By Randy S. Woodley

Being a country that prides itself on equality and opportunity for the hardworking or well deserving underdog, I think the same standards should apply to all people in the United States. Remember the good old days when the country was giving away free land? There were so many Government sponsored programs available to the illegal immigrants back then, one only had to decide which suited their situation best. Continue reading

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Part I: “Objectivity: Why the American Church Can’t Hear You Scream” by Daniel Fan

The first thing you have to realize when you speak out against the Western Colonial/Patriarchal power structure is that you’re not just going up against your opponent’s arguments; you’re going up against an environment that is designed to defeat change and maintain the status quo. Your opposition is going to try to make you bowl on that lane with a thirty-five degree incline. The main way they are going to implement this is with a little word called “objectivity.” In their eyes, being dispassionate, distant, and un-invested lends credibility, and the lack thereof is cause for immediate dismissal of the opposing argument. Since you care enough to challenge the system by speaking out, you are already at a disadvantage, and heaven forbid if you ever speak out from your own personal experiences. The fact that you care enough to show to have your say means you have already lost. They might listen for a bit, but ultimately, the charge of being “not objective” will be leveled against you and at that point you will be dismissed.
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