Illegal Immigrants Should Receive the Same Equal Historic Opportunities By Randy S. Woodley

The current group of Republican frontrunners all agree on strong borders and they are fairly consistent that there should be no Amnesty granted to illegal immigrants who are already in the country, meaning that they should return to their countries of origin and “get in the back of the line.” I happen to disagree.

Being a country that prides itself on equality and opportunity for the hardworking or well deserving underdog, I think the same standards should apply to all people in the United States. Remember the good old days when the country was giving away free land? There were so many Government sponsored programs available to the illegal immigrants back then, one only had to decide which suited their situation best.

Besides state lotteries that existed, (who could forget that “wacky” Georgia Land lottery?), federal programs were all the buzz like land grants, land patents, the Land Act of 1804, the Military Tract of 1812, the Preemption Act of 1841, Donation Land Claim Act of 1850, the Homestead Act and the ever popular Boomer/Sooner Oklahoma Land Run. The array of programs offered in the past has been astounding. It is time they be resurrected!

And, just like before, we will need to convince the current occupants of (choose your own state or city) that they will be better off being sent to less inhabited places like the Alaskan bush, the Mojave desert, and the recently de-populated state of North Dakota. In these places these people can continue in the bliss of the culture they have always known without being affected by the cultures of the new immigrants. Surely they will miss their former suburbs, apartments and family farms but do they think that the newly arrived immigrants should have less a chance for prosperity than them? God forbid that the United States should treat some more unfairly than others when it comes to the possibility of acquiring the American Dream.

If we can just make room for these newcomers, just until they stop coming, I think we will all have at least some opportunity for happiness and as a nation, we can at least look at ourselves in the mirror once again. Sure, we have to have a few more years of “Big Government,” at least until everyone has the same chance as everyone else did in the past, but the states can also do their part, like they used to do, by clearing the land of the local inhabitants.

And, why should anyone being moved complain? But just in case, by way of a concession, I propose we give each family being relocated, a Chevy Aveo; an IBM Think Pad computer; and a Sony Erickson Vivaz cell phone. This should give the people who are fortunate enough to be resettled, a real “leg up on life.” Besides that, we can also supply housing for them with the FEMA trailers left over from Katrina and sign them up for the Federal Commodities Food program. With a deal like this, there should be no room left for anyone to complain.

It will be great one day when this program is complete and all the newly illegal immigrants can experience American life in its fullness in the same way as the older illegal immigrants have. No one will need to be sent back to where they came from or get in the back of the line. There remains only one problem yet to be resolved? Where should we begin?

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3 Responses to Illegal Immigrants Should Receive the Same Equal Historic Opportunities By Randy S. Woodley

  1. Hosanna says:

    Pray the President that we have kingdom government like there is in heaven here on earth.

  2. Tim says:

    Our prayer more importantly should be that first, the kingdom of God is living in “our” hearts and “our” thoughts, words and deeds, and that we are living witnesses to the Good News, so that we here on earth are living in harmony with “as it is in heaven.” Only then through the will and power of the Holy Spirit will others be converted. Jesus’ very life and ministry, his compassion, healing all matter of suffering, his pointing- out the injustice and burden brought about by hypocritical adherence to the “Law of God” and laws of man, his ability to bring comfort and conversion through forgiveness with mercy, his quiet and patient suffering with others in placing them before his own earthly needs allowed the fulfillment of his heavenly desire that through him we may know the Father. This is the precedent (sorry for the play on words)for living the kingdom of God and the rock foundation for rendering to God what he desires most, that we love him and others, those who have been marginalized and oppressed, only then will our eyes be open to the reality of “on earth as it is in heaven.” Remember the Psalmist says,”It is better to take refuge in the Lord than man;” and in the next line “princes”. Read that as
    earthly government.

  3. How many Cherokee homes in Georgia taken by force, with their owners and families evicted by the Army prior to the Cherokee Trail of Tears in 1838-1839, and then awarded to settlers by a government lottery, were burned to the ground during Sherman’s march to the sea in 1865? The evil deed advocated by Andrew Jackson’s forced removal policy did not go unpunished although it took about 30 years for the reaping to occur.

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