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Racial Primitivism and Christian Emergence By Andy Smith

Randy Woodley recently critiqued the Emergence movement for hosting an upcoming conference that features only white speakers.  He calls on white Christians to boycott “whites only” conferences.   His call is important because he is asking evangelicals to finally take the … Continue reading

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See Me: A Call to Christians in the West to Invite Those Different Than Them to the Table by Randy Woodley

(Read the Intro to the series) So, what is the cost to the whole community of faith when a particular part, in this case indigenous followers of Jesus and other minorities, are shut out? One of the most severe and … Continue reading

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See Me, Feel Me, Touch me, Heal me…A Challenge to the Colonial Christian West by Randy Woodley

In 1969 The Who released the now famed rock opera album Tommy. Mostly written by Who guitarist Pete Townsend as a way of working through his abusive childhood, Tommy was a hit. As I think about the abusive relationship between … Continue reading

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