E. Rios Montt and the US/Christian Culpability by Randy Woodley

A few days ago, former President of Guatemala Rios Montt was FINALLY convicted of genocide against Indigenous Mayan villages, land “needed” for development. Now, we in the US have culpability as well.

The Reagan administration should face charges of being accomplices to crimes against humanity. Reagan helped Montt in his genocide on many different levels including propaganda and cover up. The US trained military leaders, and the US & Israel supplied all the arms which were used to murder untold thousands of innocent people in the most gruesome ways including rape, strangling, cutting babies out of pregnant women, making whole villages dig their own mass graves, etc (sound familiar?).

Beyond this, I call for all Evangelical radio and television talk show hosts from the 1980s who both interviewed, defended and lauded Montt as a “born again” Christian in order to push the conservative economic (Reganomics) agenda, to repent publicly and attempt to make restitution to the families of the Guatemalan survivors. Otherwise, you continue to misrepresent Christ and as Paul says, “crucify him anew!” You Christian talk show hosts should show integrity and show your repentance so we can learn from our mistakes and help restore the villages and families who have lived through hell.

I remember well as a young radio announcer at KRKS in Denver broadcasting the programs who pushed Montt’s faith in Christ and the fight against non-capitalistic economic ideologies as if capitalism was somehow a prerequisite of Christianity.

Finally, I ask, what atrocities are we currently contributing to and covering up? We need to look at war, power, trade agreements and see what is really going on. Can we keep our heads buried in the sand and not be held accountable? I don’t think so. What true follower of Christ would want to?

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One Response to E. Rios Montt and the US/Christian Culpability by Randy Woodley

  1. Sǫhahiyǫh says:

    Thanks Randy for standing up for truth and integrity.
    Seems too many Christians think some truth exposure is a “bad witness” to the Christian faith.
    Turn on the light and the cockroaches scurry, put mold in the sunshine, and it dies, Why are these things not clear to people seeking to live a life of righteousness?

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