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America: Imagine Apples and Oranges by Randy Woodley

I recently saw Dinesh D’Souza’s America: Imagine A World Without Her with my 19 year old son. I won’t dignify the sorts of arguments he makes with a counter argument to any of the ridiculous historical inaccuracies given but simply … Continue reading

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Three Questions to ask of any Social Justice Narrative by Daniel Fan

Do you Do Do Justice?* Has anyone ever pitched you a social justice initiative, and after the conclusion you thought “Something doesn’t feel right about this, but I don’t know what it is”? Maybe your instincts were right, but you … Continue reading

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From the Postcolonial Peanut Gallery: Disney’s The Lone Ranger and the Disappearing Indian by Daniel Fan

A second pillar of white supremacy is the logic of genocide. This logic holds that indigenous peoples must disappear. In fact, they must always be disappearing, in order to allow non-indigenous peoples rightful claim over this land. Through this logic … Continue reading

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The Life of the Land is Lost in Translation by Daniel Fan

On January 16, 1893, 162 American sailors and Marines sallied forth from the USS Boston and took up positions around American installations in Honolulu.  Without firing a shot, this intervention changed the history of the Hawaiian people forever.  In the … Continue reading

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Peace on Earth to Everyone, Oh, and by the way, Be careful who your enemies are…by Bruce Crawford

As the final days of 2012 wound down, I, like most Americans, found myself thinking a lot about the children and families connected with the Sandy Hook Elementary school shooting.  It felt personal to me because I know what it … Continue reading

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Dear Santa, from Daniel Fan

Dear Santa, Hi again. It’s me, Daniel. I figured I’d write early just in case my letter got lost or you saw my list and decided to procrastinate a couple weeks before starting (honestly, that’s what I would do). Oh, … Continue reading

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Tearing up the Letter: What could you ever trade your soul for? Jesus by Bruce Crawford

One of my favorite Native American authors is Robert Francis. I had the opportunity to meet Robert when he spoke at the Theology Of The Land conference at George Fox Seminary a few years back. His writings have a way … Continue reading

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