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Pope’s Hypocritical Stance Towards Indigenous Americans Opens New Wounds by Randy Woodley

In speaking of immigration to US Congress today, Pope Francis said: Tragically, the rights of those who were here long before us were not always respected. For those people, and the nations, from the heart of American democracy, we affirm … Continue reading

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Katrina: Waiting for the National Conversation 5 Years After by Randy Woodley

It’s five years later and that national conversation on race and class in America that everyone talked about back then has never happened. We will talk about the New Orleans Saints, rebuilding efforts and Bourbon Street. We will even start … Continue reading

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Shirley (Sherrod) You Jest? By Randy Woodley

It’s an old trick. Name the threat to “our way of life” and band those who are “us” together against the threat. In this case it was the Obama and the NAACP. Funny, they are largely African Americans, eh? Not … Continue reading

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