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Violence and Becoming the Myth We Perpetuate

Once the religious Doctrine of Discovery was codified, Americans expressed the myth through the zeitgeist of Manifest Destiny, White Supremacy and American Exceptionalism. The national myth became the law of the land. In order to operate effectively the American myth must rest on a foundation of hierarchy, first, those who can hear from God and those who cannot, continuing in various forms such as Christian over Muslim, White people over Brown people, male over female, wealth over impoverished, bosses over workers, Americans over the rest of the world. The myth is now ubiquitous to our laws and the national standards of society. It is embedded in business, in religion, in education, in entertainment. Continue reading

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Is Violent Racism Making a Comeback or Has it Ever Gone Away? by Randy Woodley

Many White people thought we had racism almost licked in America. We would all at the least, like to believe racism has become more subtle than it was in former days. I don’t see it. It was shameful to hear … Continue reading

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What to do with Violence in the Hunger Games?

How do we who occupy the privileged place, the place of power, and the dominant narrative recognize that violence in support of the hegemonic status quo is not the same as violence against it? Can we say that what is good for the goose is not necessarily what is good for the gander if the goose is the only one armed to the teeth? Continue reading

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